Digital Brand Strategist

I com­bi­ne stra­te­gy with sci­ence-based rese­arch to help your busi­ness crea­ting value for your cus­to­mers and deli­vering enga­ging brand experiences.


Create Value through Experiences

Good brand expe­ri­en­ces sol­ve your cus­to­mers pains and gains. By crea­ting value for your cus­to­mers you can estab­lish an emo­tio­nal bond bet­ween them and your brand.

With my ana­ly­ti­ca­la-stra­te­gic mind­set and a cus­to­mer-cen­te­red approach, I help you to build, opti­mi­ze and main­tain strong long-term rela­ti­ons­hips with your cus­to­mers. Tog­e­ther, we crea­te brand expe­ri­en­ces that incre­a­se the cus­to­mer’s value of your pro­duct or ser­vice, enhan­ce cus­to­mer inter­ac­tions and enab­le your busi­ness to grow.

Equip­ped with a holistic approach to brand and mar­ke­ting stra­te­gy, I inte­gra­te approa­ches from the are­as of brand, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, cus­to­mer expe­ri­ence and ser­vice design.



As a sci­ence-based stra­te­gic thin­ker, I am equip­ped with a wide ran­ge of mar­ke­ting disci­pli­nes like Brand, Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, Cus­to­mer Expe­ri­ence or Ser­vice Design.

I have strong skills in qua­li­ta­ti­ve and quan­ti­ta­ti­ve rese­arch, stra­te­gy design (espe­cial­ly digi­tal) and run­ning work­shops e.g. brand posi­tio­ning, digi­tal stra­te­gy. My ambi­ti­on is to broa­den your per­spec­ti­ves on stra­te­gic plan­ning and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and to help you nur­tu­re a cus­to­mer-centric brand experience.

I ope­ra­te along­side of you and your team to ensu­re that rese­arch and stra­te­gy are exe­cu­t­ed in align­ment with every key area of your business.

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